How do companies reason when it's time to invest in new dust extractors, wet vacuums or air cleaners? What are the most important parameters evaluated? Low price? Best suction? Small and easy to handle?
These are the kinds of questions we often ask ourselves and our clients.
We have, thus, been able to collect a great deal of know-how on which we base our enterprise.
We know that there is quite a large market for inexpensive, simple machines. However, that is not the market on which we want to act. Quiet simply, we believe that is more interesting to work on a high quality level because:

We believe that wise business leaders and craftsmen understand that good quality machinery pays off in efficiency and reliability on an everyday basis.
We believe that wise business leaders understand that their greatest capital is in their staff, and therefore choose machinery based on what provides the most positive ergonomics and working environment.
We believe that wise buyers do not view the investment as a single purchase, but rather want to have simple access to service and fittings.

For that reason, we are going to invest even more in PullmanErmator becoming the best choice both for clients and their employees over the next few years. We will constantly develop new machines and aids for industry and craftsmen. This will frequently be done in collaboration with users as well as specialists on working environment. Since the highest quality "software" requires the highest quality hardware, our machines will be in the absolute elite.
With this vision and working method alone, we will truly be able to deliver ”Clean air from Sweden”.